Real93543 is a creative place-keeping project for the Southeast Antelope Valley, designed to engage residents and artists in a collaborative, arts-based process of strengthening local ownership and social connection. An homage to the 93543 zip code, the project focuses on highlighting community-specific narratives through documentary media, art education programs and public art.


Founded by Artistic Director Robin Rosenthal for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission's Antelope Valley Art Outpost initiative, programming has included a monthly series of documentary screenings and public discussions; a filmmaking club; a facebook group; a community-sourced video gathering event; and the first Real93543 Film Festival featuring community-made documentary shorts. Most recently, Positively Littlerock, a public art project, was installed along the Pearblossom Highway.

Real93543 is a project of Fulcrum Arts' Emerge fiscal sponsorship program.