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A creative writing workshop for victims and responders impacted by the 2020 Bobcat Fire

On September 17, 2020, Southeast Antelope Valley residents watched in horror as the Bobcat Fire crested Pleasant View Ridge after a long march from the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains. On September 18th all hell broke loose in our northern slope communities. So many have had their lives turned upside down by the devastation, and we're still feeling immense grief and trauma.


The practice of writing can be beneficial because it helps us examine our experiences from different perspectives. The Other Side of the Mountain: The Bobcat Fire Remembered was designed to renew our sense of community by sharing stories in a safe, workshop environment; to help us heal through the act of writing; and to bring public awareness to the effects of the California wildfires.

Antelope Valley poet and educator Nicelle Davis facilitated the two-part workshop, with writing colleagues Armine Iknadossian and Brian Sonia-Wallace providing additional support. 

Planning is underway for a reading and audience engagement event on the one-year anniversary of The Fire. Stay tuned.